So if you like to have your company's lifts in the ground out of the way where they belong.
Less stress on the equipment, same service capabilities.
And YOU get the repair bill.
Some lift companies in the last 10-15 years took a huge gamble when they stopped making these tried-and-true low-pressure lift designs, gambling that Consumers will buy their over engineered, expensive to maintain high pressure designs.In either case, it's better to turn back the clock on Technology just a little and rely on a, tried and True No Nonsense Design. .These offers have not been verified to work.They are either expired or are not currently valid.Upgrade Kit, lINK (Upgrade your existing Globe 8,000 Pound capacity 2-Post Lift to 12,000 Pound capacity).Reliable lifts like these used that many years virtually pay for themselves many times over, giving a service life that high pressure lifts can not attain unless the High-Pressure lift Owner spends close to 1/3 the cost of a brand new lift every 10 years.The reason for this is that they have to push their new 'high-pressure designs' on consumers even though many Lift Repair Technicians agree the old design is the most cost effective, most reliable design in existence to this very day. .Deals Coupons, credit Cards, best Products, stores.Coiled plastic air hoses for safety latch operation that are sealed in the underground container that can get worn out, pinched and slowly leak air or even blow apart and fail at the worst possible time.Things that globe LOW pressure IN-ground lifts ARE missing.globe Low-Pressure Lifts are the smart way to go!Link, pipe Wrap Tape - used during installation to protect pipe.

So you might as well buy a lift that you will not have to replace or repair for many years to come. .
Furthermore, if anybody tells you "Low-Pressure In-Ground lifts are against the law because of environmental regulations." You will soon see for yourself, that they really have NO valid argument. .
If you have any questions about globe In-Ground Lifts Please give me a call ask for "Smitty" Thank you, Smitty's Equipment Sales Service (We install them too, within 100 miles of Chicago Illinois) Call for a special discount for the lift kit you want, including.
Giving another meaning to "high pressure lift sales" because Low-Pressure Lifts (like those listed below) are becoming increasingly popular again.
Three or Four decades OLD!Link, globe Two Post 8,000 Pound Capacity In-Ground Lifts.This is information that should not be ignored when it's time to choose which type of Lift to purchase for your Company.Savings Tips, credit Card Types, popular Issuers, savings Tips.Little air operated lock-latch air-cylinders that can leak air, corrode, stick open or closed with operating hardware that fails, like clevis pins, cotter pins, air line fittings, toggle air-valves, etc.High-Pressure Lifts simply have more parts eventually needing repair or replacement.Link, globe drive-ON "Runway Style" In-Ground Lift.Globe Two Post 12,000 15,000 Pound Capacity In-Ground Lifts.Regardless of what any "High Pressure In-Ground Lift Manufacturer" seems to want to admit, in our opinion any brand 'High Pressure In-Ground Lift' will be lucky to make it past 7 to 9 years of service life without some expensive repair work involved. .Get Offer, sAVE, see More Details, verified - Used cintas de regalo con papel crepe 34 Times in the Last Month.