English It's Mythical Volcanion!
It is based on Whitney's Miltank from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.
Delibird te ha traído un regalo para celebrar tu participación en el Torneo en Linea Confrontación Festiva!
English Festive Feud Gift Thanks for playing!
Surca los cielos con Articuno en combates de altura!Wonder Card It's Serperior!Thank you for coming to see the 2016 Pokémon Movie!Carte Miracle Arceus, le Pokémon fabuleux Merci d'avoir joué à Pokémon!Tarjeta Misteriosa Un Amaura con habilidad oculta!

Spanish Un Dragonite listo para el combate!
Prenotazioni online fino A 8 persone Vista l'alta richiesta del nostro ristorante prendiamo un numero giornaliero limitato di prenotazioni online con priorità di seduta.
With Diancie's signature move, Diamond Storm, it is a powerful ally!
The serial codes were available from December 25, 2015 until supplies ran out and again from January 13, 2016 until supplies ran out.
Distribution In English, Spanish, and French, the distribution text, title and Wonder Card text are in the language of the receiving game, with the Wonder Card using the Pokémon Global Link gift type text.PGL Amaura This Amaura was distributed to players who inserted a serial code that was given away to players who completed at least three battles during the Enter the Dragon Type competition nombre de los cupones de la once on the Pokémon Global Link.A list of eligible players was posted on the Pokémon Global Link on August 2, 2016.Wonder Card Christmas Present - Arceus Thank you for playing Pokémon!French Un cadeau de Sinnoh!The serial codes could be used to obtain Dragonite from June 22 to October 12, 2015.Wonder Card Hidden Ability Tyrunt!Spanish El Pokémon singular Diancie!Let's Mega Evolve the Gengar into "White" Mega Gengar!