To get this weapon, go to Battle of Xia Kou (Huang Zu's Forces and do the following: - tengo ganas de ti (2018) online subtitrat Defeat Ling Cao and Ling Tong in 2 minutes.
Difficulty - Hard or Chaos, character - Gan Ning, requirements: Defeat Li Dian and Yue Jin before the siege ram is destroyed.
Dynasty Warriors 6 Edit Crescent Moon Weapon Type: Standard Dancing Dragon Weapon Type: Strength Wing Blade Weapon Type: Skill Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Edit Gan Ning uses twin blades as his main weapon in the game.
Strategy Edit Kill Li Dian right away.Note: The gates will respawn, so it doesn't matter if the player seals them.Close the bottom left gate.Musou Charge: 28, dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends, edit Seven Seas Blade Weapon Level: 5 Hits: 6 Base Attack: 46 Wind (C6) Speed: 24 Defense: 45 Reach: 28 Meat Bun Recovery: 12 Dynasty Warriors 4 Edit Pirate Sword Weapon Length: 110 cm (3'7 Number.

Kill him and his soldiers.
Hits: 6, base Attack: 46, lightning (C6 speed: 22, jump: 21, attack: 25, luck:.
Defeat Su Fei Gan Ning Instead.Ling Cao Ling Tong Must Be Alive In Order To Obtain This Weapon.Dynasty Warriors Next Edit Harvest Sickle Base Attack: 30 Number of Hits: 45 Hunting Sickle Base Attack: 40 Number of Hits: 56 Inferno Sickle Base Attack: 50 Number of Hits: 6 Dynasty Warriors 8 Edit Gan Ning still uses the flail as his default weapon.Dynasty Warriors 8 - Gan Ning 5th Weapon (Godly Flail) Unlock Guide.And I really don't see how GAN ning, the loudest opina y gana vivaaerobus f*er you ever met, who actually wears bells on his clothes so you know he's coming, makes any sense using a makeshift stealth weapon.

Requirements: Defeat Ling Tong and Ling Cao within 2 minutes of the stage starting.