lilium regale planting instructions

This company wants to make things right even when the problem wasn't of their own making.
I planted daffodil"Stratosphere" this morning.
For those who are interested in my lily experiments earlier in the season, heres what I have to report: not much.
So, if you have lost those first two (maybe check your spam folder we'd be happy to send you a third one.
Positive willisjw Frederick, MD (7 reviews) June 1, 2015 As usual, my bulb order came well-packed and with healthy bulbs.Species bulbs grow in places where very few other things will-and they make very particular adaptations to do that.Nice healthy-looking bulbs, packaged carefully and well labelled.While it is too early for Results.I couldn't believe.I use a really fast computer.Thanks so much for sharing, and we'll do our best to make sure everything runs as smoothly for your future orders!We look forward to helping you beautify your world for years to come.We look forward to making you this happy - at least - in the future!We only have one customer in Stanardsville and it is a Nursery.I hope my experience this year was a comedy of errors and misunderstandings.

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We do email you a copy immediately after an online order is placed, and when the order is entered into our system, we email another acknowledgment with all of the details including estimated shipping dates.
This is top notch company to order from.
Each root was very healthy and I think I have only had 1 not come.
Miticide has been applied, along with bottom heat, fertilizer and HID lighting to try and get the 3-4 inch plants to a usable size.Positive kawand33 Lansing, MI (Zone 5a) (7 reviews) May 7, 2016 I ordered dicentra - alba and dodecatheon - media from Brent and Becky's Bulbs and both are sprouting beautifully.A company that specializes in bulbs should ship products at the appropriate time for that region of the country.Smiles are on every face around here today!Included instructions, a catalog invoice.Positive piscesxander Sacramento, CA (6 reviews) May 9, 2017 This year was my first year ordering from Brent and Becky's and I'm very happy with the goodies I've received.I planted them anyway, but revisar cupón once as I expected, no plants came up in the spring.