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I love, love, loooove chocolate and I almost everyone I know also does, so I thought that it would be a good idea to include a mini section on super easy chocolate decorations.
Are you running here and there like a headless chicken, trying to get everything ready before the multiple end of the year celebrations?
I dipped two types of cookies, for experimentation purposes: chocolate covered oreos cupón fin de semana comprobar and a pine tree chocolate cookie.
Todo comenzó cuando descubrimos To mama with love, una ONG que se ocupaba de juntar donaciones para mujeres que estaban haciendo trabajo importante en el area de derechos de mujeres y niños, como Voice of Women, de Afghanistan.
6) Give something that belongs to you and that you love, and tell the recipient the objects story.Have you noticed how everybody seems desperate to get together in December but your January calendar is normally empty?Start by chopping the chocolate into small chunks and putting them in a heat proof bowl.I love how fast it is to decorate cookies with them, how pretty they look once finished, and also the fact that they represent and alternative to royal icing (which not everyone likes).It avoids the stress of having to think what to serve if someone comes home and it is a welcoming, nice excuse for a simple, fuss-free way to gather with loved ones.Los pequeños gustos tienen ese poder especial de hacer que lo lindo sea más lindo y lo dificil más facil de llevar, quizás porque los asociamos con nuestra infancia, aquel tiempo en que el mundo parecia enorme y nuestra casa el lugar más seguro del.

You could replace the truffle for a chocolate coin, which would probably be more popular with kids.
Here it is: 1) Melt the chocolate and cut the transfer sheet (which comes in A4 size) to match the size of the cookies.
I wanted to make sure that their size matched Luka and Zoes stockings, so I placed one of them on top of the felt and traced around it with a marker pen, then cut two pieces of each color (brown for my husbands, white for.I chose hot chocolate becausewell, because I love chocolate, but also because it releases endorphin in your brain, and it feels decadent, like a treat in itself.It may be a cake, assistance with house chores, babysitting the children on their anniversary, or chicken soup when they are having a cold.December can be both wonderful and extremely stressful at the same time, and its very easy to feel pressured to do things, to buy moreeven connecting can feel like a chore when we have to do so with everyone, in special ways and in just.Yo las hice de la siguiente manera: 1) Comencé por hacer el molde.

Let the first pieces start to melt, shake the bowl a little bit and, when about 50 of it has melted, remove the bowl from the heat and mix with a wooden spoon.