regalo golden retriever fit

Hope that helps a little bit!
The only time he ever the game disturbed gets past it is if he goes through it aka knocks it/pushes it down.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Quot;: Originally Posted by munscand, view Post, hi!We have a 12 foot doorway between our kitchen and living room and currently have a makeshift barrier comprised of our overturned coffee table and some totes until we find a proper barrier as I do not want the pups on the carpet without direct.Anyway, height wasn't my issue when considering gates.The pups will never be completely unsupervised, but if say I had to use the bathroom, I wouldn't want to walk out to find they've made their way over the barrier.All of my friends who come over would laugh that he had never figured out how to go over the gate since his head is clearly taller than.The baby gate works for me 95 of the time when I lock it appropriately.Initially I wanted to spend less than 100, but if it would be a waste of money to buy a shorter barrier just to find it will not stop the golden, I would rather spend a little extra for something that will fit our needs.A friend of mine has a more sturdy, plastic, gate that even I had trouble getting past (lol) so when I give up my cheap gate I'll probably get one of those.I have found a couple of barriers that should work for such a large span, but I'm struggling with trying to determine how tall the barrier should be, as a short one will work for our corgi but I'm guessing not for the golden.My husband and I have recently chihuahua de regalo en barcelona found our first puppy (a corgi and plan to get a golden retriever as well when our current puppy is a bit older.He has never jumped over it, I'm assuming because he learned as a puppy that he couldn't make it over so he never d still hasn't?

Here are the two I've been considering: i've been blocking my golden off/out of certain rooms ever since I got him (he is nearly 3 now) and all I use is a wooden baby gate I got from target (15) that isn't very tall- probably.
So now my only concern is having something sturdy enough - wall to wall.
They cannot fit thru the bars.
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