Peacocks can be put in the Chicken Coop at present they dont produce anything. .
Home, tom Bryant T15:33:1700:00 #FarmTownStrong, together, we'll beat the opioid epidemic.
Just close the open tab and click on the next Peacock.
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Please note that with the 25 at once option you wont always get all 25 gifts.Farm towns will overcome this epidemic through strong farmer-to-farmer support and the resilience of our communities.Any graphics or content related to the Farm Town game are copyrighted by SlashKey.When you go back to facebook and reload Farm Town you will see your gifts in the gift box.Farm Town gift Peacock.

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Call A Hotline, get Treatment.
Learn more 3 in 4 farmers say it is easy to access large amounts of opioids without a prescription.
We hope you enjoy our site and feel free to help us keep the site up and running by sharing your gifts links and donating.Help With Prevention, dispose of Drugs.Click on each Peacock icon and it will open in a new window/tab.Scope of the Opioid Crisis 74 of farmers farmworkers say they have been directly impacted by the opioid epidemic.Don't forget to tell your friends about ftown, and click on the Like button below regalo y muestras gratis para bebes so we know you like.Too many animals roaming around your farm will slow the game down.

You can only claim these free gifts once every 24 hours if you try to claim them before that time period is up you will go straight to play.
The opioid crisis has struck farm and ranch families much harder than the rest of rural America.
You can sell your Peacock by highlighting  it, clicking and choosing sell from the drop down menu.