For bonus-bonus points, the armour-piercing lecture was about what it meant to be the Great Captain Adama's son.
Maybe ten years later, they do a remake of the show.
When the writers wanted to do a storyline about a kid losing his parents, they made it happen to Wheels.
In Aquaman, Black Manta's father is played by Michael Beach, who previously voiced Devil Ray, Black Manta's Expy / Suspiciously Similar Substitute, in Justice League Unlimited.
Gundam Build Fighters engages in a lot of this by having several characters played by Gundam veterans.Any plausible deniability that Doctor Who was meant was scotched when they cast Sylvester McCoy,.k.a.Alyssa Milano was cast as Poison Ivy in Young Justice.The casting choice carried over to the well-known film adaptation released the same year (see "Film" above).Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who voiced Major Motoko Kusanagi in the English dub of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex voices Kurtusu in Ghost in the Shell: Arise.Henry Rollins, an anti-authoritarian and passionate rock musician, was cast as Mad Stan, an anti-authoritarian and passionate villain with a penchant for high explosives.

Karloff did get to reprise the role for a TV movie adaptation in 1962.
The Seventh Doctor, in the role.
Has Izumi Kitta playing Tomoko.
The gag is that Hedley is played by Derek Jacobi, an acclaimed Shakespearian actor.
Ral, who not only looks identical to and acts a lot like Anti-Villain Ramba Ral from the original series, but is played by the same actor, Masashi Hirose.This forms a small joke or minor piece of merriment.Fan Works StarSword usually includes in a forum post a list of the actors he'd prefer to have voice the characters of his fics.This has led to speculation that the actor playing Polonious did indeed play Julius d that the same actor played both Brutus and Hamlet, therefore killing Polonious twice.Raiders of the Lost Ark came about when Steven Spielberg told George Lucas that he wanted to make a Bond movie; Lucas pitched his "Indiana Smith" character as a rights-free alternative, and the rest is history.Y para la otra media es una autntica cerda embrutecida sin talento, analfabeta y sarnoza.Steve Valentine from I'm in the Band also plays a rock star in "100 Clues".

They play the lead roles of Jimmy and Natalie, who are very similar to Ash and Misty.