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I paint often because I know self best.
Walking with my head buried in the book of trees, I fail the test of cluster of five leaves, mottled edge, berries or long pod.
Satiz á bal works at Corporacion Colombiana de que regalar a una novia el dia de su boda Teatro (CCT) as director, playwright, actor, composer and sound designer; with continuous processes of theatrical creation with displaced populations and victims of the war in Colombia.And the world succumbs its all to the declaration of god, of that god with no memory, with no more direction than a phallus sucked by masses that inherit him, with less itinerary than a crazy confused prophet perpetuated in dildos and charms.And the beauty also has the dark, what remains/writing in some way/ in the ash.15.000 de lunes a viernes.From the tiniest herb its fragrance, from the jigsaw puzzle its enigmas and from the eyes of the departed his prayers.3 We are fugitive bodies under the spell of these gods absolution.También estuvimos en Nueva York en nochevieja.De mi padre lo heredé todo, fobias, ideas regalos para novia cumpleaños filias y sus periferias.(Gente patinado en Central Park) (Paseo en Central Park) (El mini monumento a Lenon en el parque) (El edificio Dakota) (Universidad de Columbia) (Enfrente de la cafetería de Seinfeld) (Vistas desde la oficina de Nueva York).

El diálogo tenso del frío y la penumbra con los cuerpos cercanos a la luz, impelidos a ella como el pájaro al canto.
She also collaborates with visual artists and musicians.
Porque además bajarse cosas para uso privado es totalmente legal.Esque Mag, Poetry in Performance, Promethean, The, poetry of Yoga as well as several periodicals in Tehran.From the cosmic womb, two giant whales spring up while ahead of them a coveted mate quietly floats.Do not disturb my imagery of the universe.#LikeBarranquilla #Barranquilla #ComidaEspañola #Almuerzos #Delicia #Colombia #España Disfruta del auténtico sabor español degustándote con estos deliciosos platos que te ofrece @ole_lataperia!No te quedes sin ellas.

And we discover that death can be That luminous moment That happens after the black, long while That someone named life.
Word that still does not understand the sing of the birds ciphers in languages a paradise of deaths and passions.
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